01.02.09: dinner.


Shrimp Enchiladas with Avocado and Red Cabbage Slaw

What does one do after weeks, literally weeks, of holiday parties, dining out, festive nights and snowy, hangover days? Make shrimp enchiladas, of course! I guess I was feeling a bit sick of the old same-old, same-old (roasted meat, lavish pasta, bare seafood and the repressed pretension that is the small-plate meal) and I decided to take a swing at domestic culinary monotony.

Both me and the wife have had these kick-ass shrimp enchiladas at the authentic Mexican eatery round the corner.  I should take this opportunity to mention that I have a sick fascination with Mexican cooking, maybe because it’s so different than what I was raised on, and I stab blindly at it whenever I am lost in the food doldrums.

Anyway- the white sauce was amazing (made with leftover Havarti from NYE) but I think I hastened my own demise from heart disease by a few  months when I went back for seconds.  Totally worth it.  The avacado was fortunate impulse purchase.


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