12.31.08: NYE dinner.

New Year’s Eve has become a sort of food holiday for Michael and I–after a few years of going to parties that were usually never as great as we thought they’d be, making a disgusting amount of food and eating all night seemed like a much more palatable alternative.  In the years since, we’ve made some ambitious plates, but this year we wanted to keep it somewhat simple while incorporating some of the best foods to get this season:


Chorizos in Red Wine with Parsley

Chorizos in red wine (we always forget that for the best flavor it’s ideal to let this sit overnight before cooking, but to be honest, cooking them the same day has never let us down before)


Homemade focaccia with just a dusting of olive oil, salt and pepper.


Orange and fennel salad:  a delicious salad that also works as a digestivo.


The one unsuccessful dish:  squid ceviche that just didn’t have the best texture.


These seared scallops with a pepper sauce more than made up for the failed squid ceviche, however–they were freaking fantastic.

Beats the hell out of standing around a crowded club eating fried detruitus, no?

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