01.12.09: dinner.


Another solid find in Fine Cooking. About a year ago their winter issue had four or five weeknight fish dishes in it and the Mrs. and I finally gave this one a try, albeit a year later. I never had even tried cod until I moved here and I’ve really developed a taste for it. It’s great grilled, baked and in fish tacos it’s the best. Every few weeks I can find it on sale and I am never at a loss for awesome ways to prepare it. Since its not my recipe I hesitate to reproduce it here exactly, but let’s just say that the mushrooms were very simple, just sauteed in butter then deglazed with white vermouth. The genius here is the matching of all the ingredients. Make a few plates this good and before you know it, you’ll be thinking you’ve got what it takes to audition for Top Chef. I wouldn’t, though.


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