01.24.09: dinner party.

Entertaining friends by plying them with wine and homemade food is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday night, so when our friends Kallipher and TF came in from Boston to spend a weekend with us a few weeks ago, we were fairly sure that making food would probably come into play thanks to the crappy weather out that made the prospect of even walking to State Street to eat peanuts at Dempsey’s an unpleasant prospect.

So as we sat in the parking lot of the regional mall, mulling over what we did want to do for dinner, we decided on homemade ravioli–both a cheese and a meat version, to satisfy all of our dietary wishes:

Fresh Pan-Seared Turkey and Ricotta Cheese Raviolis with Brown Butter Sage Sauce
Fresh Pan-Seared Turkey and Ricotta Cheese Raviolis with Brown Butter Sage Sauce

The beauty of making your own raviolis from scratch is that it’s fun to do, especially when you have eager friends willing to dive in and help.  As an added bonus, once the raviolis are made, very little else has to be done as searing them in a little brown butter sage sauce is more than enough to complement the delicate pasta and the rich filling.

The cheese filling is surprisingly easy to make:  take a 15oz tub of ricotta cheese (I prefer part-skim), 1/2 a cup of grated Parmesan, a lightly beaten egg, some salt, pepper and parsley, and combine.  The meat filling was similarly easy as an adaptation of Alton Brown’s meatloaf mix (we used turkey instead of traditional meatloaf mix), and both ended up tasting completely delicious.

To make the fresh pasta itself?  That deserves its own post and tutorial, so stay tuned…

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