09.20.08: brunch.

Soft-Boiled Eggs with Salsa Verde

Soft-Boiled Eggs with Salsa Verde

Though Michael is Italian, his family mostly hails from the southern half of the boot, and therefore when we decided to go to Piemonte for a week, neither of us knew much of anything of the region besides the fact that we would be staying at a fabulous B&B run by a dear friend’s awesome aunt.  Said friend gifted me with a copy of the gorgeous travelogue/recipe book Autumn in Piemonte as a way to get us acquainted with the food of the area–something Michael had expressed uncertainty over, only because he never had it before–and so a few weeks before we hopped on a plane, we finally made some dishes from the book.

I started with this delicious salsa verde–a combination of onion, parsley and butter thickened with some flour–and served it with crusty ciabatta bread (seriously, New Haven has the best ciabatta bread ever via Chabaso) and the reccommended soft-boiled eggs.  In the future I think I’ll give the onions a finer dice and cut back on the butter, but otherwise it is a fantastic dish.  Don’t scrimp on the eggs, either–get the brown ones with the almost neon-orange yolks, since you’re eating them as-is.  Just spoon some sauce onto a slice of bread, put an egg on top, and enjoy.  Sop up the rest of the sauce with the remaining pieces of bread once you run out of eggs.

Unconventional, yes, but so good.


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