To all of our new readers who found us via Creative Structures: welcome! For anyone unfamiliar with this blog: check it out immediately. Diana, its author, is an innkeeper (along with her husband) at Baur B&B, the fabulous little spot we spent a week at during our honeymoon in Acqui Terme. I’ve been (slowly) recapping our trip here; but honestly, you should really check out their site.

Anyway. Seeing her recent post on sardines made these two New Haven-ites seriously envious–who doesn’t love the idea of getting nutritious food for a euro per pound–and so we decided to recreate her anitpasti of fried sardine fillets as part of our tapas night this past weekend–the details of which are forthcoming. Consider this a tease.

Unfortunately, we cannot get fresh sardines for a euro per pound here–instead, we are left with delicious, but expensive, $25/lb sardines that are available at Romeo’s, but as part of a larger meal, a fifth of a pound works nicely in this instance.

Sardine fillets, fresh from Romeo & Cesare's

Sardine fillets, fresh from Romeo & Cesare's

Michael enjoys them straight from the container, but L and I were happy to much on the lightly fried versions–it cuts the slight fishy flavor (note from Michael: soaking them in milk helps too!). They are also unbelievably easy to make–dredge the sardines in flour, then fry them for a few minutes until golden brown and delicious (to quote the amazing Alton Brown), sprinkle a little salt over them and drizzle with fresh lemon juice.

Fried Sardines

Fried Sardines

If you like them just with the olive oil, eat them with some delicious crusty bread.

To Diana and Mischa: we raise our glasses of Rioja to you!

  1. Happy you are spreading the sardine love. Nothing link a low cholesterol, high protien, high omega3 appetizer that is also a gourmet delight. If you guys come back, we will make a mountain of them together!

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