03.12.09: dinner (subtitle: finally reaping the leftovers of the pork shoulder)



I have a problem. I do not make the most of my leftovers. I confess this sin not because of some modern ‘saving money’ BS rhetoric, but because wasting food is crime, I don’t care how flush you are. Until everyone can waste it, no one should.

So, after the first time I made pork a shoulder I had a little left, not enough to do an entire meal with and without an easy second act, the stuff went bad. This most recent time, I decided (still without a plan) to salvage my remains. Elizabeth suggested Cuban sandwiches. A few extra accessories (5 min and $5 at the store) and our pork shoulder had a new lease on life.


  • flat roll (rusticos are best but are tough to find)
  • 2-3 pieces Black Forest Ham
  • 1-2 pieces Swiss cheese
  • 3 pickle spears cut in half, longways
  • shredded roast pork
  • mustard, yellow or Dijon

Brush olive oil onto the rolls and cut them longways. Layer on the ingredients and place on your sandwich press, Foreman grill or skillet with a heavy pan on top. Make sure you give them a good squeeze. Grill on medium until the cheese melts and the bread crisps.

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