03.17.09: dinner.

Spicy Halibut, Sweet Potaotes and Purple Slaw

Spicy Halibut, Sweet Potaotes and Purple Slaw

Another Monday night, another fish preparation.  If you’ve picked up on the pattern, the simple explanation is that a weekend shopping trip yields at least one ocean catch and unless you freeze it (which you can’t if it’s already been frozen), you gotta consume fish within 2 days of purchase.   

Feeling in the mood for something a bit informal, all I did to the humble halibut that night was cut it into pieces, dip them in egg and dredge them in a mix of flour, salt, dried chipotle pepper and Zahtar spice mix (it’s a good idea to let dredged stuff sit for 30-60 minutes before you cook it).  Then I just pan-fried the whole mess of them (medium heat, ~5-6 minutes per side until 133 F in the middle).  

I love sweet potato fries, but making them at home is a lost cause without going to the extremes of actually deep frying.  I cut the peeled potatoes into stips and toss with olive oil.  Then I bake them in a 450 F oven until crispy, or as crispy as they can get before they start to burn, 25-30 minutes.  One trick is to place them on a wire rack (like a fry drying rack) that’s been placed on the baking sheet.  I *think* this allows more hot air to hit the underside of the faux-fry and keeps them from getting soggy.  This does mean they cook faster, so be vigilant.  

This calls for nothing more than a nice slaw and some ketchup (call me a culinary Philistine if you must, but I love potatoes and Heinz).   There you have it- a simple meal, a simple post.  Bon Appetito.



Spicy Halibut, fresh out of the pan

Spicy Halibut, fresh out of the pan

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  1. Tantalizing… 🙂

    I will take a print out and give it to my wife. She would love it.

    Healthy And Wealthy Life

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