03.25.09: dinner.

Pork Pizzolla with Spaghetti Squash

Pork Pizzolla with Spaghetti Squash

Here’s an easy weeknight dinner recipe and a nice way to include spaghetti squash in your cooking.  I really enjoy pork chops now that I’ve been clued into the wonders of brining. Mix up a strong brine and you’re less than two hours away from tasty, tender pork. I use Alton Brown’s brine formulation from his stuffed pork chop recipe.

I found inspiration in the old Italian-American standby Steak Pizzolla for the rest. I browned the chops in a grill pan for 5 minutes per side, then cooked down some canned petite cut tomatoes (I’ll never run out of uses for these little guys) with wine and garlic for a few minutes. I added the chops and simmered the mixture until the chops got up to 150 F and served over spaghetti squash.

There’s nothing inherently groundbreaking about this, but I liked it because it represents the infinite diversity through infinite combinations mentality we’re trying to get across here. When it comes to cooking, I think genre-reinvention is best left to the Blumenthals and Adrias of the world. Feeding your loved ones with fresh, delicious and nutritious food on a nightly basis is by far a more lofty and noble goal.
Schoenes Wochenende!


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