03.18.09: dinner.


Fajitas awaiting final assembly...

Fajitas awaiting final assembly...

Fajitas!  I am a big fajita fan and making them yourself is way cheaper than stealing out to your local Chili’s and less likely to result in in gastro-turmoil.  I like keeping all the accessories separate and allowing each user freedom of assembly.  The veggies are just sauteed with a little lime juice and cumin for 5 minutes and topped with a bit of cilantro.  The (cab or flank) steak is coated with a dry rub of salt, sugar, paprika and chipotle pepper and left overnight, then cooked in a grill pan until medium rare.

I like to serve these guys with a little red bean salad or corn salsa to give them just a bit of backing.  Cheesy mushrooms, chicken or roast pork also play well with these veggies.  Honestly, you could skip the meat all together if you wanted- the peppers and onions are great on their own.  Enjoy!

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  1. Not to mention service at Chili’s is AWFUL

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