03.02.09: dinner.

Wild-Caught Atlantic Salmon

Wild-Caught Atlantic Salmon


Wild Atlantic Salmon with Red Wine Sauce and Brown Rice

Wild Atlantic Salmon with Red Wine Sauce and Brown Rice



I must be achieving true cooking nirvana, because I have no recollection of making this meal.   That’s not entirely correct, but I am little foggy in places.  Nevertheless, we must press on.  In the captions, you may notice that the salmon has been labelled as ‘wild’.  I never had a problem with the farm-raised stuff, but Elizabeth says it has a strange taste or texture or something and rather than resort to arm-twisting to get her excited about it, I wait for the wild stuff.   Sockeye and Coho will be in season soon and the salmon parade will begin in earnest.  

Here I used (what I think) is a fairly restaurant-standard prep for the fish, just searing it in the grill pan for 3 minutes per side (skin side first) then finishing it in the oven (maybe 350 F for 8-10 min).  The grill pan’s range/oven versatility and ability to delivery tons of heat fast makes it perfect for fish.  I managed to get the skin crispy enough to stand on its own, something I saw on the original Iron Chef once.  If you’ve never tried super-crispy salmon skin before, I highly recommend it.  

As far as starchy sides go, I love bismati rice but find it a little dull on its own.  Unfortunately, I don’t like jacking it up with fatty mix-ins like tons of butter or cheese, which is fine for restaurants, but not for regular nightly meals.  I’ve discovered that sweating some onions and mixing them in works well (and if a bit of the sweating fat gets mixed in, well that’s okay).  The ‘red wine sauce’ is little more than some red wine simmered in a small pot for 20 minutes with some honey and then butter added at the end.  This isn’t a proper red wine reduction, which takes several hours.  That sounds more like a weekend experiment and an addition to the to-do list.

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