03.30.09: dinner.

Artic Char with Roasted Tomatillo and Red Pepper Salsa and Brown Rice

Artic Char with Roasted Tomatillo and Red Pepper Salsa and Brown Rice

Wait! You can’t do fish two days in a row!

Well, while rifling through the photos waiting to be posted, I came across this little number waiting to be expounded upon. I like this one, not for the fish or the rice preparation (which are both standard; we’ve covered them before, just click the tags on the side), but for the salsa on top. And so I’m not talking about fish, I’m talking about salsa. So there.

I’ve always wanted to try using tomatillos and figured that the warm spell of early March was as good a time as any. Roasting these guys involves first removing the leaves and giving them a scrub, broiling for 4-5 min then turning them over and going another 4-5. Let cool and chop- I paired them with chopped roasted red peppers and a splash of white balsamic vinegar, a little olive oil and salt/pepper. A simple fresh herb is a nice addition, maybe parsley, basil or cilantro. This is an incredibly sweet and tangy healthy salsa that goes with about everything. Keep your side plain (orzo, brown rice, cous cous, etc) and just mix the salsa in to really take it all in. This really is a nice flavorful brown recipe rice while keeping everything very healthy.  Enjoy!


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