The PISMO cometh. again.

It’s that time again. Anyone who watches TV will tell you that there’s nothing but commercials for lawn furniture and Bobby Flay marathons on so it must be grillin’ season. We get a lot of traffic about the whole beef tenderloin, known in butcher parlance as the ‘PISMO’ (peeled, side meat on). As anyone who is a fan of Good Eats will tell you, these huge specimens can yield 8-10 wonderful Filet Mignons along with a Chateaubriand and meat to spare. I have priced these at my local BJ’s price club for $45-60. This is certainly not cheap, but consider this- bringing one of these to a cookout almost certainly will make you the culinary hero of the day and when all is said and done, all you have to do is squirrel away the other bits and you have a considerable amount of leftover, top-quality cow to for yourself. Because in the end, isn’t the most important mouth to feed your own?

Allow me to reiterate that the best guide for this is the Good Eats episode, so let’s say I’m adding my voice to AB’s for the sake of enrichment and exploration. So this Saturday I’m taking the PISMO to task again and I’ll chronicling the step-by-step approach and the results, for better or for worse. Flame On!

Oh, to tide you over, I found an online version of the seminal GE episode for your viewing enjoyment (as long as it stays up, anyway)

  1. god bless youtube for how to cooking vids!

  2. This episode of Good Eats is phenomenal–while the show is always excellent, this epitomizes how-to instruction at its best.

    BTW: my husband says that his three favorite things are lifting, cooking and writing, not necessarily in that order–I will send him to your blog posthaste. 😀

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