Ispirazione, parte uno.


Saucisson pork tenderloin (via)
Saucisson pork tenderloin (click for source)

While we were at the Baur B&B, another couple was also staying there–an American expat and her Italian husband, Paula and Angelo.  They live in Cinque Terre, an ancient group of towns in Liguria that is now a protected area and a big tourist draw.  They conduct boat tours on their old anchovy fishing boat (one of the last of its kind) where Paula makes lunch, and from what I’ve heard, it’s an utterly fabulous time.   They came brandishing many lovely food gifts for Diana, ranging from fresh farm eggs (from their own chickens) to lemons from their tree, to locally produced limoncello (Liguria is known for its lemons, and therefore its limoncello), but perhaps their most fascinating foodstuff was the home-cured pork tenderloin that they brought with them and shared during their first evening on the patio.

Angelo kindly shaved off a few pieces for us (espeically after we starting raving over how good it was), and since then I’ve been wanting to figure out how to do this in our home.  With our few forays into duck ham yielding delicious results, I feel confident that we can make this.  Michael said he would be happy to use one of the two tenderloins we picked up at BJ’s as long as I found a recipe for this, and thanks to a Jacques Pepin recipe (via The Paupered Chef), I think we’ll be eating saucisson-style tenderloin in 5-6 weeks.  Stay tuned.


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