06.14.09: homemade pizza

Sausage, Mozzarella and Tomato Pizza

Sausage, Mozzarella and Tomato Pizza

Our first red pizza.  Romeo’s makes a really excellent sausage for their meat case and I thought a little crumbled atop a homemade pie would really hit the spot for our Sunday night pizza party.   Elizabeth suggested we try to make a quick tomato sauce and I figured we could put two and two together on this one.

We made a double batch of our pizza dough (first pizza post here), we froze some and the pie above represents half of one batch.  The sauce was just a can of my favorite petite cut tomatoes reduced with balsamic vinegar, some garlic and red pepper flakes added.  One it was good and thick, I pureed it in my blender for several minutes until all chucks were eliminated.  After that, I added a ladle of the stuff to the middle of the rolled-out dough (remembering from Good Eats that too much sauce kills), crumbled over some of the browned, unsheathed sausage, sliced fresh mozzarella, some chopped garlic scrapes and let ‘er rip.

Despite living in an apartment, I have a very decent oven that (according to my oven thermometer) gets above 550 F when set to maximal power.  After about 8 minutes, the cheese was melted and the crust golden brown.  So far, I think is my favorite homemade pizza.  If you’ve tried it one or twice and though maybe it’s not for you, I will say that it definitely gets better with practice, so keep at it.  Quickly too, as summer is rapidly approaching and soon it’ll be too hot for heavy oven action.  Ciao!


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