06.23.09: dinner (experiment with eggplant, Greek yogurt and Turkish-style pasta)

Turkish-Style Turkey with Eggplant, Penne and Peppered Greek Yogurt

Turkish-Style Turkey with Eggplant, Penne and Peppered Greek Yogurt

Having as many food blogs as I do on my reader is a double-edged sword:  while so many provide really helpful ideas, they all have a way of making me unbearably hungry.  I then end up fixating on certain dishes for the rest of the day and I come home from work utterly ravenous–especially when I know that said dish will be waiting for me when I get home.  This was such a dish, found from The Wednesday Chef and made a few days later–and coincidentally, the first eggplant I’ve eaten since graduating from college.

The beauty in this dish is its versatility–while the original recipe (from the New York Times) calls for lamb, the version I stumbled upon had beef, and we used turkey.  Instead of using one of the big purple monsters, however, we favored two smaller (and therefore sweeter) grafitti eggplant, though this still did not yield enough eggplant for our taste, so the next time we make it there will be three used at the very least.  Despite using 0% fat Greek yogurt, the sauce still felt as decadent as any cream sauce you’ll find, but without the lingering aftertaste of guilt and sloth that diving into a plate of fettucini Alfredo generally carries.

All in all, a delightful weekday dinner.  Of course, now I’m hungry again.


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