05.13.09: dinner (shrimp, rotini and leftover romesco sauce)

Shrimp with Rotini over Romesco Sauce

Shrimp with Rotini over Romesco Sauce

One of the drawbacks of being adventurous in the kitchen is the inevitable dilemma over what to do with certain kinds of leftovers.  If it’s something that translates well into a leftover meal the next day, it’s a no-brainer; the real issue is when you’re left with a surplus of something that is normally not part of your culinary repertoire.  One of our tapas nights yielded much more romesco sauce (Ed Note:  the batch that we made was more recent than the one pictured but we wanted to show what we were talking about) than we would ever need to dip some grilled onions in, but as we both hate to waste food, we were desperate to think of something to use up the excess sauce that would actually taste good.

The Silver Spoon has this fantastic red pepper sauce that I’ll sometimes beg Michael to make if I’m feeling so inclined, as the combination of red and orange peppers make for a light sauce that still has quite a bit of bite.  Given that romesco sauce adds some almonds to the mix, we thought it would be at least worth a shot to pair it with pasta, and lightly sauteeing some shrimp always pairs well with pasta (and keeping a bag of frozen beauties allows you to keep more seafood in your diet at your convenience).  While it shouldn’t be surprising given all of the Mediterranean influence present, this ended up being a really satisfying meal, and we had the added satisfaction of putting good leftovers to use, therefore minimizing waste, which, at least in my book, is always a good thing.


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