07.01.09: dinner (leftover week continues).

Pork Barbecue Sandwiches with Red Cabbage Slaw and Corn on the Cob

Pork Barbecue Sandwiches with Red Cabbage Slaw and Corn on the Cob

This week we’ve been discussing leftovers quite a bit.  Leftovers should very much be a part of life, unless of course your crowd’s so large that they polish off every last morsel you make.  We usually deal with first-run ingredients and dishes here, but an efficient kitchen is a happy kitchen.  The summer especially brings these topics into sharp relief since on many evenings, it’s just too darn hot to whip something up from scratch and leftover ingredients from several nights back can become a half-completed meal component and welcomed short-cut.  Plus, fully utilizing ingredients means saving money on new ones, so win-win-win.

Those of us pork tenderloin devotees know that they come two to a pack.  Personally, I usually freeze one and use the other the day I open the package.  The night before I need the other, I let it thaw out so that when I wake up the following morning, I can brine or marinate it for consumption after work.  Here, I did just that.  It was temperate this particular evening so I roasted the loin in the oven, but grilling it on the electric grill or outside would have worked just fine.  After letting it rest I shredded it with some forks and whipped up some sauce, albeit with some extra mustard this time.

It’s sweet corn season in New England and 10 minutes in a steamer for delicious corn is hardly any work at all.  Finally, I know that the slaw is becoming a bit ubiquitous around here; I’ve taken to making one large batch at the beginning of the week and having it around whenever I want it… which is often.  Enjoy!


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