Our latest appearance on Connecticut Style.

So here we are…making pizzas.  While I’m pleased as punch that the swapout looked gorgeous on camera…I’m not terribly pleased with my appearance here (though Michael, who thinks I’m being too critical, looks great).  Happily, the doughs came out well after some stickier versions from the weekend, which was essential in making this demo work considering that we didn’t bring any extra flour with us to the studio.  Of course, you can check out all of the recipes in the subsequent posts below…

  1. Jeff said:

    How about storing your pizza dough for future use? You made enough dough for two pies on the show; what if you’re only making one pie the night you make the dough?

  2. Jeff–great question! What you want to do is after the first rise, wrap up the dough with some saran wrap with a little olive oil tightly and throw into the fridge for a few days, or in the freezer for a few months or so. Just allow plenty of time for the dough to come to room temperature before using, as well as allowing for the second rise–at least a few hours.

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