07.03.09: taking homemade pizza on the road.

Pizza Margherita about to go into the oven

Pizza Margherita about to go into the oven

Perhaps one of the few upsides to having a summer characterized by lots of rain and unseasonably cool temperatures is being able to fire up the oven to make pizza without making the kitchen unbearably hot, as you can see from the many, many pizza posts we’ve shared with you and Connecticut Style viewers alike since May.  It’s been a really great learning experience, because no two pizzas have every turned out exactly the same, and some have certainly been more successful than others.

Pizza Bianca with Goat Cheese and Garlicscapes

Pizza Bianca with Goat Cheese and Garlicscapes

The pair shown here are among the best we’ve made all summer, and marked the beginning of a lovely weekend we spent in Boston with K & B.  I made the dough the night before we left to allow for proper rising, which I then punched down, shaped into little loaves, wrapped tightly in plastic and then stored them in the refrigerator overnight.  Transporting them was a breeze:  packed into a cooler with some other provisions we were bringing with us, they stayed cool yet rose easily after an hour or so of sitting on the kitchen counter.  K and I hit up their local Stop & Shop, where I was amazed to see wine and spirits so easily merchandised alongside regular foods (being from PA, this will never not be novel to me), and we proceeded to buy about five different cheeses, two of which we ended up eating over the weekend.  She also had a bounty of garlicscapes from her parents’ massive garden that we knew we’d have to put to good use, and highlighting them along with some goat cheese felt like a more than appropriate method to do just that.

B made some of his special “sangrya,” called so because he uses 100% cranberry juice and Two Buck Chuck along with frozen berries to make concoction that he feels cannot be truly called sangria, but was delicious in any case.  K also had some special bottles of red wine that she had been saving for our arrival for some time (a huge compliment in my book), so we knew we wanted to make our second pizza worthy of such consideration.

Pizza Bianca bump

Pizza Bianca bump

What materialized is now known as the sauce we showed on the air, and while it was based of of Michael’s favorite quick weeknight sauce, we made a few alterations and pureed the whole mess of it to make it much more pizza-friendly.  This first batch, though, has probably been our most successful to date–not only did we have a delicious meal with dear friends, we even managed to convince one that pizza is good food, especially when you make it yourself.  We left them one of the dough balls (I had brought a previously frozen one in case we needed extra), plenty of sauce, and hopefully some inspiration to try out some of their own variations on another unseasonably cool afternoon.

The rest of the weekend was really a lot of fun–we watched the Sox at sports bar next to Fenway, took a long walk to Back Bay for a rooftop party, and caught some fireworks on our way back to the T station to head on home–all in all, a lovely balance of relaxation and exploring the city.

Pizza Bianca With Jim on Foodista


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