8.12.09: dinner (who knew I liked zucchini and gorgonzola cheese?)


Farfalle with Zucchini and Gorgonzola

Gorgonzola brings out the contradictions in the TBYK household–Michael loves the stuff, while I’m less-than-enthusiastic about it–which goes completely against my normal enthusiasm for all things cheese and his tendency to limit his cheese intake.  I must admit, though–when I saw Gina DePalma’s post about using it to make a sort of sauce for zucchini and pasta, I was curious to give it a try.  Given all of the successes we’ve had with her other dishes, I felt pretty confident that if anyone was going to get me to enjoy bleu cheese, she would.

Clearly she succeeded here, but what made the dish so good was what Michael called “a really good sense of balance.”  The three main stars of the dish are harmonious here; unlike other pasta dishes we’ve made over the years, it’s not just pasta with X thrown in for good measure.  Instead, every bite gives you a little bit of each ingredient, and no one player overwhelms the rest.  Using the right cheese helps as well:  if you’re a bit averse to the bleu, look for Gorgonzola dolce as it becomes completely mellow in this application as Gina cautions that Gorgonzola Piccante does pack a more intentse flavor.

Pair it with a nice Barbera, and you’ve got yourself a lovely meal that works any day of the week.  Grazie Gina!!


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