8.18.09: dinner (a tale of two recipes, or: continuing to eat more vegetables)


Farfalle (and Penne) with Eggplant, Zucchini, Red Onions and Ground Turkey with Yogurt Sauce

Since we started TBYK, I’ve found only one small downside with food blogging–we’re always trying to find new dishes to try and subsequently share, but what happens when you want to revisit them?  We try not to repeat ourselves too much around here and attempt to be creative with leftovers, but there are those dishes that are just too good to not share again…albeit with some modifications, of course.

Case in point:  we enjoyed the Turkish pasta and ground turkey dish from a few weeks ago so much that we naturally had to have it again–though this time, inspired by how successful our farfalle-zucchini-gorgonzola dish went, we used (mostly) farfalle and threw some zucchini into the mixture, but kept the Greek yogurt in lieu of adding cheese.  The zucchini added some extra heft in terms of fiber, and the yogurt was delightfully creamy without the heaviness that can come with using cheese as a sauce application.  As an added bonus, it fits well within Michael’s goal to get us to eat more vegetables, and I’m now convinced that pasta and a dairy product will get me to try (almost) anything.

Except green beans.  I hate green beans.

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