9.05.09: first Saturday dinner (tortelloni and bruschetta)

Fresh Tortelloni with Shallot and Butter Sauce

Fresh Tortelloni with Brown Butter Shallot Sauce

Bruschetta with Fresh Mozzarella

Bruschetta with Fresh Mozzarella

The first of our three dinners over Labor Day weekend was relatively simple, as there’s something to be said for not doing too much all at once.  We had made our first shopping trip and done some exploring on the way back as well as furiously unpacked many of our boxes; the prospect of rolling out fresh pasta (even with help from the Kitchen Aid) and then bending over a counter to individually fill raviolis or the like was not an appealing one that particular day.  So when Michael suggested some fresh pasta from Whole Foods to pair with some tomatoes we got at a fair price, I was in no mood to argue, so we settled on making some bruschetta (probably the best of the entire season) and finishing the pre-made pasta (provolone and prosciutto tortelloni) with some shallots and butter.  I made the addition of some fresh mozzarella to the mix to make it a touch more substantial, but overall it was a simple, yet satisfying meal.

Besides:  how can you go wrong with occasionally indulging in what the Italians define as fast food?


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