9.10.09: experiments with quinoa pasta.

Quinoa Pasta with Gorgonzola Dolce and Zucchini

Quinoa Pasta with Gorgonzola Dolce and Zucchini

As a scientist, we learn to only change one variable at a time in our set-ups. That way, if there’s a change, we know exactly what caused it.  Elizabeth had seen quinoa pasta on an episode of Top Chef Masters one night and, being willing to forage in the big city, we figured that  we could probably drum some up.

While at the Whole Foods on 97th and Columbus, a quick foray into the dry goods aisle turned up the object in question without much trouble.  The pasta turned out to be a corn/quinoa blend.  Apparently, the makers were more interested in creating a gluten-free product that closely resembled traditional semolina pasta than creating a funky noodle.  I guess I was expecting something more like the original whole wheat pasta, but I hear quinoa is a superior grain and anyone with gluten issues would be happy with this product–so what gives?

The final dish came out exactly like the original- quite good and very simple to put together.  I added a lot of extra zucchini because it’s in season, and I had some lovely, inexpensive specimens and come on–vegetables are good for you, right?

Summarily, if you’re interested in cutting down on gluten you can still buy this pasta and not lose a beat.  It costs a bit extra, but pasta isn’t something I really ever thought of as pricey.  If you want a product that’s more faithful to what I think quinoa’s actually like in its true form, stay tuned, we’re keeping our eyes open.  Wishing you a fine start to your week- cook on!

  1. I want to love quinoa, but I don’t. In noodle form, however, I think I might be able to tolerate it. Did you actually LIKE the noodles?

    • If you had told me that these were gluten-free, I would not have believed it.

  2. jillian said:

    am trying to be more scientific and methodical and less spazzy and jazzy in my cooking. waiting for quinoa to find its way to Mexico.

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