9.16.09: employing the power of aglio e olio to ward off illness.

Linguini all'aglio e olio 9-16

Linguini all'aglio e olio

Michael had a work dinner to attend at La Monde, mostly recovered from a cold that hit him hard the day before, so on this particular night I knew I’d be on my own for dinner.  With so many takeout places available near us (including directly below us), it would be tempting to submit to the lures they set in front of me, but I was determined to resist and enjoy a solitary evening of cooking for myself and indulging in my favorite recipes.

The question of what to make, however, went unanswered for most of the day until fate decided it for me:  a complete deluge of rain assaulted me as I walked from my car to the train platform due to my lack of umbrella (it’s probably still hidden in some random box in the apartment, waiting to resurface).  I was completely and unequivocally drenched, and having been fighting a bit of a head cold earlier that week as well as being exposed to Michael’s pathetic state, making that situation worse was not something I wanted.

I therefore turned to the power of garlic and heat and combined them with my preferred comfort foods–pasta and Parmigiano-Reggiano.  I’ve posted on this in the past if you recall, and the main difference between it and what I did this night was the amount of garlic I added:  five cloves.  Five cloves!  And I went with nearly a whole teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes, because I knew that nothing else would…erm…clear my sinuses so effectively.

Did it work?  While I woke up the next morning with a seriously stuffed head, things were decidedly different by mid-morning, and fortunately whatever hit Michael did not affect me nearly as severely, which to me at least defines success.


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