9.08.09: tacos tacos tacos!

Red Cabbage, Cheddar, Onion Relish and Chicken Thighs for Tacos

Red Cabbage, Cheddar, Onion Relish and Chicken Thighs for Tacos

Pasta three posts in a row?  Boo!  I feel compelled to step in and break up the monotony.  I love to make tacos- they are always so much fun to make and eat.  I also am a fan because it’s so easy to change things up each time, and be they subtle or gross, the alterations keep the dishes interesting.

Here, I had grabbed a piece of cave-aged American cheddar from Whole Foods that I was eager to use.  I wanted to do something other than standard grilled/sauted chicken, so I bought a jar of Goya pico de gallo on the cheap from the corner store.  It’s like salsa but a bit more watery, but that makes it perfect for cooking and reductions.  I counter-top grilled some chicken thighs then added them to a skillet with the pico until I had something that mildly resembled some authentic saucy chicken.

Keeping in the spicy vein, I whipped up a bunch of my caramelized onion relish.  I like to add jalapeno normally, but they were selling them by the half dozen at the store downstairs, so nuts to that.   I just used red pepper flakes instead and it was fine.  I have yet to mess with my red slaw, maybe next time.  and until then, friends, cook on!

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