10.08.09: dinner. (you put the lime with the coconut and the lime with the pork)

Lime-Brined Pork Tenderloin with Lime-Coconut Rice

Lime-Brined Pork Tenderloin with Lime-Coconut Rice

Ever since Michael started brining pork tenderloins with lime juice, we’ve been experimenting with various sides to accompany it.  I had been in the mood lately for lime-coconut rice after eating a rice/arugula salad that was a bit too heavy on the vinegar for my tastes, and I was happily surprised to see this meal being finished up as I arrived home from work a few days later.

Coconut milk is not something we have on a regular basis (it is, after all, rather fatty),  but it’s a great pantry staple to have handy when you’re in the mood for something creamy without having to fuss over a risotto pot for an hour.  It goes exceptionally well with rice–we also use it in a Brazilian shrimp soup that is a favorite in our cold-weather-meal-rotation–and using the lime to both tenderize the pork and give some bite to the rice adds just the right amount of brightness that can cheer up any gloomy day.

The brine recipe can be found here, and I’ll have to update this once I’ve bugged Michael to spill the beans on the lime and coconut rice.

  1. Michael, SPILL on the rice recipe! I need it! I want to take a bath in it! It looks so good!

  2. jillian said:

    I made a tenderloin last night and it looked positively anemic compared to yours. Must try the lime brine.

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