11.12.09: dinner (bone-in pork chops are phenomenal).

Apple & Onion Bone-In Pork Chops with Couscous

Something I’ve found strange about living in New York is how warm it feels outside since we’ve been here, even as we hit the middle of November.  This past Sunday alone found me hanging out with an old friend outside and wearing a sleeveless top.  By the time I had hoofed it home lugging a bag of groceries from Whole Foods I was a disgusting, sweaty mess and immediately needed a shower, which seems utterly ridiculous, don’t you think?

We’ve had a few moments of colder, more fall-like days here, however, and when I came across this post from Saucy Little Dish, I knew it would be right up our alley, so we stocked up on most of the ingredients during our weekly trip to Fairway in order to be prepared when the mood struck–including taking advantage of Fairway’s amazing meat selection, specifically being spoiled for choice in the pork chop department.  Bone-in pork chops have been a recent-ish discovery in our kitchen, and a delicious one at that, as the bones impart even more flavor and always seem to yield a more tender chop than a boneless one.  The latter are, of course, great to have on hand, but it’s worth switching things up every once in a while if the option is available to you.

The post’s author suggested using either white wine or a combination of chicken stock and bourbon, but considering that the only bottle of bourbon in our house is a very expensive bottle of Booker’s (a congratulations gift from L on Michael’s successful thesis defense), he used some cognac we still have on hand from our sangria-making escapades over the summer instead.  My general aversion to mashed/smashed potatoes (yes, you read that correctly) meant I requested couscous to be served alongside the dish, and to be honest, it serves well as a blank canvas to soak up all of the sauce while the apples and onions provide a nice texture, and it morphs into a pretty tasty lunch the next day if you have leftovers.

Overall, it was another successful instance of food-blog-inspiration, and we tip our hats to the ladies at Saucy Little Dish.  Cin cin!

  1. saucylittledish said:

    Thanks so much for linking to us, Elizabeth! Glad the recipe was a success.

  2. Malcolm said:

    Ungh. I am jealous of your thick-cut, bone-in pork chops. Our weird little pork chops here in Mexico are super thin and, for reasons I don’t understand, appear slightly cooked, even in the meat case.

  3. Averse to mashed potatoes? Mon Dieu! Sacrilege!

    The chops look delicious, though!

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