10.26.09: scenes from a long Thanksgiving weekend.

Sweet potatoes with rosemary and thyme, pre-roasting

We’re back!  After five days and nights shuttling between in-laws, shopping/people-watching at King of Prussia, and eating far too much food, we made our way back to the city yesterday afternoon and celebrated with a little errand-running in the sunny weather and some fresh whole fish.  As nice as it was to see everyone once again, yesterday’s return to the city felt remarkably different compared to those we’ve done before; breezing up Broadway in a cab from 96th to 120th, and then later walking in the neighborhood to gather ingredients for our dinner, both of us felt like we really were home.

That’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy ourselves visiting family, of course.  Join me after the jump for some assorted images chronicling our long weekend:

My favorite Thanksgiving appetizer: my mom's crab dip with crackers

The scene at Victory Brewing Co., Thanksgiving Eve

Michael advising our new nephew on life. Or telling him about the latest Lady Gaga video.

Waiting/trembling in fear for our Amtrak on Sunday. It miraculously was only a few minutes late.

Arrivederci, Philadelphia!

(your regularly-scheduled food commentary will resume tomorrow).

  1. the nephew is so cute, it’s no wonder he’s om nom noming his own hand!

  2. Well, if Michael can explain the new Lady GaGa video, send him over here! That is one freak-ass dame!

    Loved the pics!

    • your nephew is absolutely adorable. I think lady gaga scares him though. She sure scares me.

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