11.22.09: dinner (finishing off the duck, and…a near pizza disaster).

Pizza Napoletana

I have a confession to make:  the pizza above incited a bit of yelling on both our parts due to it not-so-successfully transitioning from pizza peel to cookie sheet in the oven.  I was so excited about this pie; fresh off of my successful red-sauce adventure the weekend before, I found this pizza recipe while flipping through The Silver Spoon and wanted to try my hand at making a pizza-friendly red sauce.  While the sauce came out perfectly fine, it would turn out that another ingredient would be the near-death of this pie.

Friends, I nearly suffocated half our dinner that night with too much fresh mozzarella.

I blame Fairway for this.  If they didn’t make such large, delicious fresh mozzarella–perfectly seasoned, I must add–I wouldn’t feel compelled to slice the whole ball up and try to get as much cheese on the innocent dough as possible.  The mozzarella made me do it, I swear!

Oh, who am I kidding–this was all on me.  And then I had the gall to yell at Michael for not getting the pie into the oven properly.  I think that the fact that we had already enjoyed finishing up the rest of our duck and figs from the night before on the first pie (paired, of course, with delicious Fontina di Valle d’Aosta) that mollified things a little, though, as well as being able to eat most of this one to boot.

Fig, Duck and Fontina Pizza

The experience did remind me of an important lesson:  not only can eyes belie the size of one’s stomach, so can it overestimate the hardiness of your pizza dough against the weight of cheese.  Mistakes can be made in the kitchen all the time–what’s important to do, though, is laugh at yourself, eat what you can, and always have takeout menus readily on-hand.

  1. I don’t blame you. Who can resist fresh and perfect mozzarella? What an interesting combination of toppings on yours. You guys always surprise me.

  2. jillian said:

    suffocating on mozzarella is how I hope to exit this mortal coil.

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