12.27.09: dinner (introducing the in-laws to duck pizza).

Duck Breast, Mission Fig and Fontina Cheese Pizza

It’s hard to ease up on a good thing, especially when it’s so easy to make the platform where it all rests.  Michael’s parents and younger brother came to visit us on Sunday (the start of a few days in the city) and we both knew that we wanted to wow them with the delights of our culinary expertise (though my BIL had his expectations set very high for quite a while).

Pizza Bianca

Deciding on the menu was easily the biggest challenge for us; with so many options, how were we to decide on what to make (and with only the day of arrival to run to the grocery store to get what we needed)?  The answer came in part from my homemade pizza dough, which naturally yields two small pies:   one would turn into another pizza bianca, and the other into a recreation of the duck breast pizza from a month earlier.

Unlike our last pizza with the same ingredients, we had some alterations to make:  dried figs were only available, and we had to cook duck breasts as opposed to dealing with a whole duck, but we certainly made do.  Michael simmered the figs in some vinegar and wine to give them more plumpness, and I naturally added some Fontina di Valle d’Aosta to make it richer.

Happily, both pizzas were well-received without a hint of “we should eat this even if it’s strange.”  The rest of our meal took a decidedly different turn in the employment of Mexican anotjitos…which requires another post entirely.

Pizza Bianca With Jim on Foodista

  1. You guys totally blow me away with your ingenuity!!!!! How impressive is that pizza?

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