Shopping in New York: Columbia Greenmarket

The view up Broadway

The phrases “let’s go to the farmers market” and “bitterly cold outside” tend to not go hand-in-hand, but Michael wanted to do something on a particularly quiet Sunday, and I had wanted to check out the Greenmarket that’s held on Broadway every Thursday and Sunday.  Since we’ve spend a considerable amount of time traveling over the last few months, our Sundays tend to not be our own, and it seemed like if we were on Broadway, it was usually because we were schlepping luggage along with us and therefore not interested in looking at cage-free eggs or picking through fresh vegetables.

Knoll Krest Farms's selection of eggs

This greenmarket is not very large–it spans a block–but it has a wide selection of foods crammed into that space, ranging from fish to duck to milk to fresh fruits and vegetables, and a few stands have overlapping products, allowing for some competition.  The produce is typical to what you’d expect at this time of year–namely lots of root vegetables and apples–but they all look good and the prices are all fairly reasonable.

Spaghetti Squash--one of the few great winter vegetables

We ended up buying a dozen eggs from Knoll Krest Farm, the same folks from whom we bought the eggs for our carbornara a few months ago, as well as one of the delicious-looking spaghetti squashes pictured above.  It’s nice because both factor into our desire to eat more vegetables and less rich meat following the excess of the holidays, and the squash in particular can satisfy my craving for pasta (or at least pasta-like applications) that won’t make me feel quite as guilty.

Fresh pasta offered by Knoll Krest Farms

One of the most interesting moments was learning that Knoll Krest offers some pretty singular homemade pastas, particularly beet pasta.  This is something that we will have to investigate further, because to unite my great culinary love with a vegetable that I want to love but sometimes struggle with?  That is potentially wonderful match made in heaven.

  1. kerry said:

    the sky is so clear and beautiful in that first picture that it has to be bitterly cold!

  2. Garggg. Beets. I wanna love them too, but they make me gag every time. Even roasted. But, since me lovva da carbs, beet pasta might be the bridge that I need?

    • I found a recipe via Martha that we’re going to try out–I will naturally report back.

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