1.05.10: dinner (avocado, lemon and…sardines?)

Sherried Sardines with Avocado over Toast

Elizabeth has several resolutions for 2010:  one of which, apparently, is work on her photography skills.  As the casual observer (yes, casual… I have always believed that the food should speak louder than its class portrait, right?), I have to say that in the last year of food photoblogging, she has gotten pretty handy with the old point-and-shoot.  Still, I guess there’s always room to hone one’s craft, right?

This is not a post in which I discuss honing my own craft (you know, cooking), however; no, this is an endorsement of the new Good Eats ep from January 4th about ‘healthier’ dishes for post-holiday detox.  When I saw the previews for the show, I thought the subject matter was a bit of a gamble- after all, Alton Brown is constantly placing taste and authenticity over caloric values and fat grams, and always touting a motto of moderation.  I wondered here if he had finally flipped to the stark side, or if perhaps the subject matter was dreamed up by forces larger than he.  Turns out, my concerns were unwarranted and it all worked out okay for the powers that be.  He presents a smoothie and a snack recipe, but the main dish of the episode apparently sustained the good Mr. Brown during his suspiciously-epic lbs loss, and although I do not condone dropping huge amounts of weight, this recipe is damn good.   I always liked tinned sardines as a kid, so this is hardly a stretch for me.  Even Elizabeth admitted that it is so delicious that she could eat it several nights in a row (not that we do), and she has a thing about variety.

The funny thing is, it’s almost not a recipe, per se, but a food construct, compiled for the sake of nutrition.  Food romanticism aside, it tastes pretty great.  So, if you’re feeling the need for some ‘Temple Food’ (termed from the great Nigella Lawson),  please find the links below and have at it.  In Alton we trust.  Cook on, friends.  Cook on.

Info on the episode at the Good Eats Fan Page

The actual recipe at the Food Network Site

Avocado on Foodista

Sardine on Foodista

  1. Do you have a recipe for this? I had an appetizer just like this at an event and I can’t stop thinking about it!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I saw that Alton Brown sandwich and thought, “Garrrrrghhhlll!” But hey, Alton lost HOW much weight?

    • michael said:

      I think he lost 2/3 of one Giada…

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