Images from New York: alternative programming to the Super Bowl edition.

TriBeCa, near Canal Street

TriBeCa, near Canal Street

Neither Michael nor I are rabid football fans, especially around the Super Bowl–the Eagles would pretty much have to be in it for us to feel willing to buy into the hype.  While wandering around the city a week ago, then, we came up with the idea of potentially going to the MoMA with an old friend who lives in New Jersey, figuring that this quasi-holiday would discourage people from venturing into the museums in favor of making their favorite dips and snacks in anticipation for the evening’s game.  All of us were very interested in seeing the Tim Burton exhibit, but when we found out that we had to reserve a time slot in order to see it, our plans were dashed because every single option was sold out for Sunday.

Clearly, we were not the only ones who are lukewarm on the Super Bowl.  C’est la vie, of course.  We decided to instead grab some brunch instead since the forecast called for a nice (if cold) day, and with no snow to deal with walking around the city would be a pleasant-enough diversion.

L'Orange Bleue

Croque Madame with Mescalun Greens and Pommes Frites

After meeting C at Penn Station, the three of us headed down to SoHo and went to L’Orange Bleue, a restaurant we had been to once before to get some before-dinner cocktails.  The drinks were as delicious as I remembered them to be and for $16 per person we enjoyed a generous portion of food, some coffee or tea, and either a mimosa or sangria.  The drinks were as good as I remember, and my croque madame (open-face, I believe) was heavenly.  Confidential to The Kitchen Witch:  this place will definitely be on the list I’m working on for you!

Walking down Lafayette Street in SoHo

Following brunch we ambled around SoHo aimlessly until I was struck with the idea to go to the Strand.  While we did not peruse all eighteen miles of books they carry there, we lingered for a while.  I found a used copy of The New Italian Cooking by Margaret & G. Franco Romagnoli from 1980 in the cookbook section that after skimming over some recipes on the subway ride home I cannot wait to try out.

The Strand Bookstore

From there we kept walking, made a detour into a comic book shop, and eventually made our way back to Penn Station via the Flatiron District.  This is a part of the city I’ve never been to, primarily because it a bastion of  expensive restaurants and no food stores, museums, or any of the shops I like.  It does, however, make for some pretty vistas, such as this one that includes the Empire State Building, and of course, the eponymous building itself.

The Empire State Building, as seen from 23rd Street

The Flatiron Building

All told, it was an excellent afternoon in the city:  lots of fresh air, plenty of opportunities to explore more neighborhoods, and a delicious brunch to boot.  The MoMA will have to wait until March when we can hopefully score some tickets to the Tim Burton exhibit, but in the meantime an afternoon spent wandering and talking was satisfying all the same.

  1. Oh, my friend, the MTA *is* your bitch, isn’t it? I’m going to need every ounce of your help, because my Midwestern dork self has no navigational sense!

    Every time I see your pictures and read about your excursions, I get excited for August. And envy you, cosmopolitan girl.

  2. jillian said:

    what a great day out. I am green with envy. And I must have that croque madame!

    • Seriously?!?! That is fantastic news–I can’t wait to check it out!

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