01.24.10: dinner (a tale of two comfort foods).

Mostaccioli con Salsa al Peperoni

Ever since Michael has found multiple sources for squid near our home, he has looked for any excuse whatsoever to make it, usually as a starter course or even a snack for himself during the week.  His new plan is to get a whole bunch of it, portion it out in half-pound servings, and make it for himself so he has something to much on while making dinner for us.  I’m not going to go as far and say that it’s his absolutely favorite food, but it’s pretty high up there.

Fortunately, this knowledge has become a very useful bargaining chip when I’ve proposed some of my favorite pasta dishes to him:  I’ll even buy him some squid to make as a first course if that means he’ll yield to my pasta cravings.  Much like a powerful weapon, however, one must use this power judiciously–too many promises of squid will diminish the overall appeal of the dish and make him less amenable to any suggestions I then put forth.  It’s why the dish above, a favorite of mine from The Silver Spoon, is the only instance of me wielding my power over him.  We haven’t had it in ages because he never has taken much liking to it (why, I have no idea), but I love it so for its simplicity, its lightness and its flavor.

There’s not much to it:  sauteing a combination of red and yellow peppers, garlic and onions in olive oil, seasoning well with salt & pepper, and processing it in a blender until smooth.  It’s an excellent and easy alternative to regular old red sauce, and when topped with lots of parsley and Parmigiano-Reggiano, it transforms into comfort in a bowl.

Calamari a la Plancha

As for the squid, well, I think Michael should be the one to wax poetic on that subject.

What are your favorite comfort foods?

  1. Now I’m craving a big bowl of pasta! Carbs are definitely my comfort food!

  2. jillian said:

    Kraft mac and cheese, Modern white spinach pie, mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  3. KateSouth said:

    I love roasted veggies, usually potatoes, onions and carrots, with lots of garlic and butter. Also, homemade macaroni and cheese (with bacon and crushed tomato) and coffee Haagen Dazs ice cream…yum!

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