Images from New York: serious nostalgia edition.

Ellen's Startdust Diner! I totally recognized it!

My godmother called me up a few days ago and graciously invited me to join her, her niece and one of my oldest friends (who happens to be her second-oldest son),  for lunch in Midtown on Saturday at the Stardust Diner, otherwise known as the first restaurant I ever ate at in New York City.  She and her niece were going to see Nora Ephron’s play and since her middle son and I both live in the city, it’s only natural that we all meet up for some catching up along with some good food.

The Stardust, up close.

It’s funny–my first impression as a nine-year-old of the Stardust was that I hated their grilled cheese sandwich, and LOVED their black and white milkshake, which is typical of the nine-year-old palate, right?  My turkey wrap was definitely better this time around ( I credit my maturity of said palate), and it was a wonderful meal to catch each other up on the goings on of our lives–though in hindsight, a quieter restaurant would have been preferable because the starving actors and actresses who work as wait staff there break out into song every few minutes.  They are moderately entertaining, but I was definitely on the side of said godmother when she casually expressed a desire for them to turn down their microphone volumes.  All told,  while we had to yell at times, it was certainly a fun time to be had and a story to be told, which, in my book is a win.

More Broadway goodness and snow-removal shennanigans

As an added bonus, I was given a glimpse on how New York City gets rid of nearly 21 inches of snow.  In short:  they temporarily shut down streets in order to do so, making my love of my Hunter boots all the stronger that day.

  1. Liren said:

    This post was nostalgic for me as well. I was born and raised in NY, and my first office was just up the street from the diner; what memories! So good to still see it there 🙂

  2. I think that restaurant sounds like great fun! And how can you hate a grilled cheese sandwich? Did they use something other than rubbery American cheese? 🙂

    • I think it was made with American singles, and I’ll be honest–I’ve had a strange relationship with that product when I was a kid: sometimes I loved it; other times it squicked me out. Then again, I had a strange relationship with cheese in sandwiches in general–I liked it on the side for the longest time, and it wasn’t until I was in college, I think, when I finally appreciated the taste of meat and cheese together. These days, of course, I can’t get enough of the stuff (except those singles, of course).

  3. Drew said:

    Great post and pics! Umm don’t like meat and cheese together? My main memory of seeing you was accompanied by coldcuts and cheese…from the Philly area, are you not? We’ll definitely have to get together soon.
    -Mom’s friend’s middle son

    • Yes, but I insisted, until I was much older, on having my cheese on the side. Cheese and meat coldcuts together weirded me out and for no real, normal reason.

      And I’m intentionally vague in mentioning everyone besides myself and Michael to preserve a modicum of internet privacy. 😉

  4. Drew said:

    Haha I definitely appreciate the privacy element these days, especially in my profession. You may have inspired my new web handle: MFMS

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