01.31.10: dinner (homemade ravioli, Anne Burrell-style)

Ricotta Ravioli with Pancetta and Wild Mushrooms, Anne Burrell-style

We’re big fans of fresh, homemade ravioli here at the casa di TMFP because they are such indulgent treats:  delicate pillows filled with ricotta cheese and herbs and usually dressed with some buttery sauce do not conjure up any delusions of sensible, healthy food.  The process behind making them well, however–especially when it’s just two of you–requires so much work that by the time you’re finished, you are convinced that easing yourself gratefully onto a chair and digging into a modest amount of pasta is completely justified.

That’s because it is, of course.  It’s obvious that Anne Burrell understands this as well, because her recipe requires a fair amount of work but makes all of it worth the effort in the end with a pretty phenomenal dish. To be honest, I was shocked when I saw her demonstrate this recipe on television: while her main Saturday morning show often showcases some of the most complex recipes on the entire network, this particular instance was instead on The Worst Cooks in America and she was showing a group of true kitchen newbies how to make it, well-method and all.  I admire her sticking to tradition, but a 30-minute “super-super-simple” meal this recipe is most decidedly not.  That characteristic alone probably explains why it was buried deep in the murky quagmire of the Food Network’s website, never intended to actually grace a computer screen of a viewer at home.

That to me is complete crazy-talk.  What’s wrong with taking a rainy Saturday or Sunday (if you’re in the Northeast, both days look to be a wash this coming weekend), having some friends or family over, opening up a bottle of wine and getting to work on a serious culinary project?  More hands make light work of an undertaking of this nature, and trust me–you will all be congratulating yourselves on a job well-done with bellies well-fed.  There may be a mishap or two along the way of getting there, but laugh it off and don’t give up, because that’s all part of the fun.

The recipe can be found here.  Go on, click on it.  You know you want to.  We omitted the taleggio because it’s a bit tough on Michael’s stomach, but otherwise, it was absolutely fabulous.

Buon apetito!

  1. It is gearing up to be the perfect weekend for homemade ravioli. I’ll have to start convincing Roberto tonight over dinner…thanks for the inspiration.

  2. That’s what’s up. I’m dying to make her ravioli with the egg yolk inside. Anne is off the hook. Nice job on these.

  3. Please come make this for me! Because I’m way too scared to tackle homemade pasta!

    • michael said:

      It’s much easier to start trying to make simple spaghetti and move to the filled variety later. Like everything else, practice makes perfect!

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