03.20.10: dinner (Greenmarket goodness thanks to sunchokes and the springtime).

Lamb Steak, Pan-fried Sunchokes with Cippollini Onions and Fried Okra

The darling Mrs. posted the secundi piatti first and the prima second, but with good reason.  If you lived in the Northeast, you may remember that the weekend mentioned in the title was a delightfully sunny respite from the drenching rains that serving as soaking bookends, the second of which we are finally clearing now.  Why not celebrate a break in the thunderheads with a trip to the Union Square Greenmarket?

Jerusalem Artichokes

Honestly, it’s too soon for true spring fare.  Furthermore, spring isn’t like autumn or even summer where the crops are plentiful.  Just clearing winter doesn’t leave as many options as you may think.  So, we grabbed what we could.  Sweet onions are still good, okra is plentiful and one stand at the market, a personal fave, had Jerusalem Artichokes for not much at all.  We wanted to try them but had little experience, so I found a very simple online recipe where they’re thinly sliced and sauteed like taters with onions.  They oxidize fast, so slice at the last minute.  Lemon is a great topper, but only add right before cooking is over.

To serve with for the main course we got some lamb steaks, which I know look weird as usually the lamb steaks I find are from the shoulder and have bones and a lot of fat in them, but these looked like beef filets.  The butcher at the Whole Foods recommended 3 minutes-flip-3 minutes under the broiler and that’s all they got. I used a cooling rack on my cookie sheet to get some heat underneath and the doneness was perfect.  Diced rosemary was great on the artichokes and the lamb.  Win-win. [Ed.- Win!]

Orechiette with Parsley-Mint Pistou and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

We made a light parsley pistou over orecchiette was a delightful prima piatti and Elizabeth had lunch to take to work for the next few days. Celebrate spring, friends. Cook on!

Jerusalem Artichokes on Foodista


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