Images from New York, sunny afternoon in Soho/Little Italy edition

Springtime descends onto Columbia's campus

Springtime is here, and finally–finally–the weather actually feels appropriate for April.  After a week where I was sweaty in a t-shirt one day and needing a cashmere sweater the next, it was nice to walk around SoHo and Little Italy with a slight breeze in the air.

Oh, hey--we're in Little Italy!

We didn’t have much on the agenda Saturday–I wanted to go to my new favorite specialty food store and Michael wanted to go to MUJI–so we wandered around for a while so we could enjoy the glorious weather as much as possible.

Strolling down Mulberry Street brought us, completely unintentionally, to Little Italy.  The streets were packed with people milling about, wandering in and out of the many restaurants, and there were a few good ol’ Italian boys who could have been extras from The Godfather calling out to their buddies and conducting intense discussions over cappuccino.

To be honest, most of the restaurants didn’t appeal to either of us that much because they appeared to be serving quintessential Italian-American fare rather than Italian cuisine.  The one exception was this place and its $6 pizza and beer or wine special–how fantastic will it be to spend a sunny weekend afternoon people-watching while enjoying a simple, very Italian snack in the coming weeks and months?

One other place also piqued our interest–any guesses to what it was?  I’ll give you a hint:

It might be time to try a local version of our favorite kind of Italian fast food…

    • As long as the food is good, yes. It hasn’t passed inspection by me yet. 😉

  1. I have a few friends that will love this site, I’ll certainly let them know.

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