Images from New York: first museum visit since we moved to New York edition.

View from the fifth floor of the MoMA III

When we lived in New Haven, going to New York meant that we visited museums usually making it the main reason for going into the city, which meant that we went to the MoMA on a fairly regular basis.  The last time we went there was the spring of 2008 to see the exhibits that celebrated color and nantotechnology, and while we had intentions on visiting there sooner than later–including trying to see the Tim Burton exhibit–it didn’t work out until, well, today.

So we (Michael and I along with our friend C) went to the MoMA and not only were able to see some of our favorite works, but were able to avail ourselves of some fascinating exhibitions, notably Mariana Abramovic’s career retrospective.  I cannot say that I’m a fan of performance art, but being presented with what she has done (via films of her original work as well as reperformers recreating her works), I nearly immediately understood what she was trying to do through her art.  She truly uses the body–and all of it, from the immediate aesthetics to the senses to things like her hair–to express how she sees the world.  Her body has been transformed into a canvas for her audience to cast judgment upon, whatever that may be; it could be best judged from her series of photographs from her latest performance, which invites her audience to sit in front of her and stare for however long they feel like it.

I cannot share any photos with you of either special exhibition as both prohibited photography, but I do urge you, if you are able, to come to New York and experience it for yourself.

In the meantime, I share some of our favorite images from the main collection, as well as some images I took of New York as seen from the museum.  Enjoy!

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  1. KateSouth said:

    I love the MoMA and wish I could up there to see Abramovic Retrospective, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, unfortunately. Were people pretty respectful of the exhibit when you were there? I had read on that some people were touching(!!) the performers!

    • People were pretty well-behaved when we were there, though the strong presence of security seemed to keep people in line effectively. There’s one part where you have the choice to pass through two nudes (one male, one female) and it’s in a very closed space, just a little over a foot between them, to walk by. I was worried I’d accidentally step on their toes so I refrained–apparently that was happening more often than not.

  2. jillian said:

    So nostalgic and homesick! During my 4 year stint in New York I went to museums so much less frequently than when I lived in CT…I love how much you are in there appreciating it all!

  3. Oh how I love this! Have never been to MoMA and am just now at a place where I can begin to understand and appreciate art – have no idea why it took so long. Thanks for including some of the work there – lovely!

  4. FancyLady73 said:

    That is one museum that I am very sad to have missed on our trip to New York. We walked past it but decided we had enough museums ( we just came from 3 days in DC) and reading little plaques. Looking back I wish we had taken the time.

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