Images from New York, taking a walk by the Hudson edition.

Early sunset over the Hudson River

Now that warmer weather is here our social schedule has quietly erupted into a flurry of fun things to do, especially considering how subdued the winter was in the city.  Everyone we know who either have lived here or used to live here swears up and down that the summers in New York are the best, and frankly, I’m inclined to believe them.  

The UWS as reflected in the lowered sun

Friday night was utterly beautiful and inspired me to drag Michael out to get a nice cocktail at one of our favorite neighborhood haunts prior to getting things for dinner, and Saturday’s plans had us going to Dinosaur BBQ to meet up D and his crew while they attempted to walk from 225th St (aka the northern terminus of the 1 train) to Battery Park, with stops at bars along the way.  While it was an ambitious plan, it was one we were happy to tag along on for a leg of it, especially since I was able see more of Riverside Park than I have before, and I finally appreciated why Michael likes it so much–the view along the river is really gorgeous.

Late sunset over the Hudson River

Usually trails that run next to a river mean that you will be soothed by the rumbling of the river and ensconced in that serenity.  That is totally not the case here, of course, because you’re confronted by the noisy reality of the Henry Hudson Parkway/West Side Highway…but on a Saturday evening when traffic isn’t at its peak, well, D put it best:  the flow of traffic becomes that zen-like noise you need to block out all of clatter in order to enjoy a walk along the greenway and chat about everything from The Daily Show to how the Mets are faring against the Phillies.


This interlude felt necessary–a sort of transition into what is turning into a spring and summer filled with fun outings and visitors–and convinced both of us that all of the hype could be actually warranted.  It was certainly an enjoyable evening, and we bowed out early enough so we could enjoy some homemade tapas, namely fried mushrooms over garlic aioli, jamón serrano  and some Spanish goat cheese…but more on that later.

I have a feeling that walks like this will be a big part of our weekend plans as the weather gets warmer–now it’s just a matter of deciding where we should walk to next.  Do you have any suggestions?  Leave them in the comments.

(Also–we were completely oblivious to the chaos in Times Square until we got home last night, but considering how often we find ourselves going through there on the subway, it was very disturbing to read and listen about it.  Kudos to the street vendor, though, who saw something and said something!)

  1. Looks like a lovely walk! And the tapas certainly sound like the perfect way to end the day!

  2. Tracy said:

    I love walking in NYC (in fact every weekend that it’s warm and nice in Baltimore I can often be found saying “what a great weekend to be in New York City”). We’re do for another visit soon. So relieved that the events in Times Square were nipped in the bud.

  3. Drew said:

    awesome pics! great times!
    brooklyn next?

    • We almost made it there this past weekend–one of Michael’s buddies wanted to see the Brooklyn Bridge so we walked halfway across it. 🙂

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