Images from New York, Picasso edition.

View from the Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir, Central Park.

We have enjoyed the company of friends for many weekends now, but as great as that has been (seriously, we love visitors!), there is something to be said for having a nice long weekend to ourselves and letting the weekend be dictated by our own whims and impulses.  One of those impulses was me wanting to see the new Picasso exhibit at the Met, and we took advantage of the glorious day to take several long walks prior to and after perusing the artistic delights that the Met has to offer.What I’ve learned about the Met since the first time I visited at the age of 18 was that it is a museum that requires many, many visits to truly enjoy its depths; while it is possible to cover a lot of material in an eight-hour tour there, to really appreciate everything at your fingertips you need to pick a few areas to visit specifically and limit yourself to those areas.  Otherwise, you are intellectually overwhelmed by amazing things that no brain can neatly wrap itself around in a few hours and you leave the place utterly exhausted.  It’s a good feeling, to be sure, but the idea of spending more time on certain areas for each visit makes each visit more important and special.

Still Life with a Snack 1 - Pablo Picasso

The Picasso exhibit is especially interesting, because the museum holds so few of the artists Cubist works (as many of them are in the Museum of Modern Art), but it still feels like it spans most of the artist’s life:  as someone who can note Picasso’s life and works by who was his mistress/wife, I felt that all of the women were somehow acknowledged here, with the exception of maybe Francoise Gilot because many of the works that feature her are in fact at the MoMA.

The Temple of Dendur

It was nice to see works that are normally not on display when it comes to Picasso, especially works that fall in his later years that don’t have the appeal of the Cubist Greatest Hits–specifically those that portray him and his time with Jacqueline, his last companion. It’s worth seeing as a sort of antidote to the normal Picasso exhibition one would expect (it is here until mid-August), and it gives you insight into what inspired this amazing artist for years after the initial Modernist surge.

We ended up walking home across the park to 90th and Amsterdam, giving us our first glimpse of the Jackie Onassis Reservoir as well as an excellent excuse to get a frozen fruit bar from one of the vendors in Central Park.  It was decidedly delicious and worth every single penny that I paid, as I’m sure I wouldn’t have made the trek otherwise. I hope you all had relaxing a relaxing Memorial Day weekends! Here is a slideshow of other highlights from the Met that we saw:

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