05.11.10: dinner (chile-drenched chicken thighs from leftovers)

Chile-Smothered Chicken Thighs with Cheesy Brown Rice and Greek Yogurt

“Since I like cutting things up, I typically opt for whole chickens” -AB

I am partial to the whole bird, as we have seen many times here before.  Still, on weeknights there just isn’t enough time, so I opt for the big pack of chicken thighs.  Being a self-proclaimed growed-up man, I usually can pack a lot of these away, but I often get self-conscious about the repetitive preparations in front of the Mrs. (we all know that bachelors can eat the same thing almost every night as long as it tastes good). [Ed.–says the man married to the woman who could eat pasta every freaking day.]

Here I was lucky/predictive enough to save the chile-based braising liquid from my lamb shanks the Sunday prior and rather than dust off a cookbook or make another chicken taco, I re-purposed my weekend dinner leftovers into something new and dare I say, edible.  As I eluded, I had done some red meat braising in a sauce made of rehydrated piquillo peppers and added the leftover sauce after browning the thighs and simmered until the thighs reached 155 F.

The cheesy rice was a complete no-brainer, as I’m always looking for a way to get my brown basmati rice onto the plate and the cheese was just there, asking to be blended into the mix.  Whenever you have a culinary windfall, think twice before throwing away the debris even though you’re too full to look at it head-on.  Keep the parts and pieces of your weekend blowouts to make an entirely different meal for weeknights eats.  So eat well during the week, friends–cook on!

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  1. Funny stuff about Elizabeth and her pasta…I cannot say that I disagree with her!

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