Images from New York, retailer-sponsored block party edition.

Hudson-bound on 125th Street

If it wasn’t already obvious in my last post, both Michael and I really like Fairway. I’ve been meaning to do a Shopping in New York piece on the store, but I feel like it would be too trivial and unable to capture the spirit of the store in a few hundred words. A series is in order, but more photographs need to be taken in order to really capture the magic that is the store. Regardless, something that we can share with you regarding the magic of Fairway is their annual customer appreciation barbecue, otherwise known as one of those epic sampling events that people like me consider to be to the most effective promotion methods out there: if you give something a try and you like it, you’ll end up buying it.

Under 12th Ave

I get ahead of myself, though, because I wanted to share some images of our walk to the store, a view of 125th Street that is not part of my normal daily commute and one that brings us to the Hudson River on a regular basis. It wasn’t the sunniest day, but we seem to have a mandate to enjoy any temperate, kind of sunny day that comes our way on weekends as much as we possibly can. It’s certainly a visually interesting walk, with its trestle bridges and sometimes gorgeous views of the Hudson River, but it also does not lack for grit; sketchy gas stations and auto repair shops abound and the smells that they emit linger with the much more pleasant ones of Dinosaur Barbecue and Fairway’s corporate bakeries, with the latter to smell more of raisins and rosemary than anything else.

Best Customer Appreciation Ever, brought to you by Fairway.

Usually food shopping happens on Sunday mornings, but once an email popped up in my inbox notifying us of Fairway’s upcoming customer appreciation party on Saturday, I knew that our plans would have to change slightly–especially after I saw that free samples would be the order of the day. Michael loves to tease me about my compulsion to try any free sample given to me (to which I always say “it’s research!“) and here was a whole event devoted to them. Suffice it to say, I was in heaven.

So many vendors!

There were all kinds of good things, ranging from Sprite Green to Vitamin Water Zero to Zico coconut water to Goya foods to mini Dinosaur Barbecue pork sandwiches (which promptly shut Michael up on the whole teasing me about free samples) plus music and hot dogs and hamburgers and olive oil tastings provided by Fairway themselves. We came hungry and left feeling very happy and appreciated, indeed.

The fountains in Riverside Park

We also wandered over to Riverside Park for a bit to take in the view and enjoy the relatively decent weather, and you could tell we were both in silly moods as Michael thought that the sight of traffic on the George Washington Bridge was somehow amazing…but maybe that was the Dinosaur Barbecue talking. All in all, it was a quiet, relaxing weekend punctuated by some pretty awesome meals which we will be sharing with you soon.  Stay tuned!


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