Images from New York, LEGO LAND!!! edition.

The LEGO brick wall

I’m sure there are people in this world who don’t like LEGOs as it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time, but I’m not sure I know them and to be completely frank, I’d rather go through life with the knowledge of their existence kept from me.

Grand Central, LEGO style

It should come as no surprise that Michael is a huge fan of the plastic bricks, so when I learned that a had opened in Rockefeller Center, I knew that he’d want to at least check it out. I was not incorrect in this assumption.

The Guggenheim, LEGO Style!

The store is what you would basically expect: the walls are lined with kits with the exception of the giant wall of bricks where you pick up a large or small container and fill it to your heart’s content, and there are sculptures and displays everywhere. Some of the more prominent include a recreation of Atlas, a giant dragon, and a recreation of the Prometheus sculpture.

General activity on a subway--to the far right you can actually see some street crime!

The real treat is seeing the tableaux of New York and New York life; in what is basically the best  job in the HISTORY of jobs, a crew of folks were told to recreate various aspects of New York, both in scale and what was possible in LEGO bricks. It makes you want to recreate the scene of a subway staircase (a small  feat given the fact that weird pieces are easily accessible in this store) and also marvel at what could have been the best job in New York; I wonder at those who were hired to play with LEGOS all day. I have genuine envy for them. I am not alone in this envy, I know.

Michael wants this set in a bad way. It looks awesome.

So go visit the store! Spend money! Have fun! I’ve been told that this is a kit to buy for Michael, but I don’t have a good reason to buy it. If I get it for his 30th birthday he’ll jump off a bridge (his words); how do I make it happen? How do I make it acceptable?


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