Images from New York, more Central Park edition.

The Conservatory Gardens and the Upper East Side

We’ve been taking it easy over the past few weekends because things are about to get very busy for the next week, so Michael suggested a walk to Central Park prior to heading to Whole Foods. My knowledge of the northern part of the Park is limited at best, so in the name of exploration I agreed.

Waterfall found in the North Woods

Our wanderings took us through the North Woods, which is probably one of the most serene parts of the park as it doesn’t attract all of the runners and cyclists, nor does it beckon those wanting to lay out in the sun. There’s not too much to take note of, save this lovely waterfall we encountered around the halfway mark of the trail, but it’s a great walk to take if you’re craving a little solitude.

One of the fountains in the Conservatory Gardens

Our destination was the Conservatory Garden, mainly because any properly manicured garden is an automatic draw for me–a consequence of living somewhat near Longwood Gardens, I guess–and I wasn’t disappointed by how lovely the gardens looked, and the abundance of fountains on this particular tract of the park. While the flowers were not out in abundance–a gentleman with a much nicer camera asked me where they were at one point–you are surrounded by this delicious scent that is so tranquilizing when you take it all in: a mix of wet stone and fragrant plant life. While Michael normally doesn’t care for these kinds of places, his shutterbug tendencies came out in full force because he sent me a lovely lot of photos that could be used in this post.

A bumblebee!

All told it was a nice afternoon: a peaceful walk through the park, getting some great ingredients for dinner, and FINDING A POOL CLOSE TO US. The latter is, understandably, much more of interest to me than to him (I am going to have to bodily drag him there, but I DON’T CARE because IT’S A POOL) and trust that I will be reporting from there at least once this summer.

As for the rest of it–enjoy the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. …how have I never ever been to these spots? Well, you’ve given me something to do this Sunday!

  2. I’ve lived about 10 miles outside of NYC forever, and I’ve never been to the northern part of the park. Enjoy!

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