07.03.10: dinner (finally, the ceviche emerges).

Tilapia Ceviche with Three-Cheese Quesadillas

Sometimes I wonder if our readers take note of single commentary words in the title of the posts.  Ceviche “finally emerges”?  I have made this a few times now, and each time the wife dutifully photographs it and waits for me to wax philosophical on the majesty of macerated fish. The problem is that I was never fully taken with the picture, or the meal I made… something was always just not quite right.

As you can see above, the combination of three-cheese quesadilla and a lovely photo left me without a reason to abstain. I LOVE ceviche and the hot, hot summer makes this chilly fish dish cooked in citrus without so much as a microjoule of thermal say-so from the range, oven or grill.  By far, this is my favorite part. I mean, you can cook without fire! It’s like magic… the magic of science. Or that movie Aliens.

I have two fish I enjoy giving the acid bath to, either tilapia or catfish. The former is more delicate and therefore ready much faster while the meatier catfish needs more time in the drink. I like to use a juiced grapefruit half and a lime or two to soak the fishbits, 20 minutes for tilapia and 6 hours for the catfish. Once the fish appeared cooked (white and opaque) remove it from the juice, add a half of an avocado, a chopped tomato, jalapeno, half a red onion and some chopped garlic. Season and add chopped cilantro for a top shelf offering.

I enjoy a nice full shot of the fishy citrus juice with this meal, if only a non-gross way of bottling and distributing the stuff were available I’d have a nice glass of it every morning.  MMMMMMM! Until next time, friends! Cook on, with chemistry!

  1. Ceviche is the perfect thing for the dog days of summer. You’re right though, it can be tricky to photograph! Yours looks delicious.

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