07.18.10: dinner (recipe rehash–pasta alla carbornara)

Caserecci alla Carbornara

Because my last photo of anything alla carbornara was completely awful, I give you this photo, made from this recipe that accompanied aforementioned awful photo. You should give it a try because it truly is easy to make and is a complete meal in of itself thanks to the eggs and the garnishes of pancetta, and you are so overwhelmed by the headiness of this dish that you’re happy to gorge on it once or twice a year as long as it’s made well.

And yes, the pasta is all brown thanks to the pancetta in the pan.


  1. Tracy said:

    It’s about once a month in our house. Great photo.

  2. Brown food is impossible! Just ask my pot roast, my meatloaf, and the homemade beef jerky I made–very unsexy in photos!

  3. This may be Monsieur’s favorite Italian dish. The first time he ate it he asked “How come you never told me about this before.” And then he described it to me, ingredient by ingredient, and I merely smiled and said “I know.”

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