Giveaway winners announced!

Calle De Los Larios, Malaga, Spain (March 2003)

I apologize for be so, so late on announcing the winners to our Barcelona cookbook giveaway–I hemmed and hawed over it, trying to figure out the best way to determine the winners, and then real life intruded and was too much of a distraction.

But no more.

I used that handy random number-generator thingie that I’ve seen other bloggers use, and so without further ado…


::more drumrolls because of the size of the picture:

Congrats to erniebufflo, Priyanka, and kateiscooking! Please drop us an email to let us know where to send you your copy!

And thanks for playing! I’ll try to get my hands on more things to give away soon.

1 comment

    I’m seriously so excited. What a great thing to come home from vacation and discover on the internets! Will email you right now!

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