09.18.10: dinner (“tapas” with sweet potato latkes and Spanish-inspired wings).

Sweet Potato Latkes with Greek Yogurt

After the previous weekend, indulgent in pork shoulders and roast chicken, I tried to keep my options open and free, although this meant I had no plans for dinner up until dangerously close to the zero hour. I decided that we could put on of E’s fifty Spanish cookbooks to use, but we came up with little in the way of ideas save for dishes that ‘would be great some other time’. It was a problem.

Grilled Spanish Chicken Wings

So, without direction or plans, we set out into the urban jungle to find provisions and inspiration. I don’t quite remember what happened what happened next, all I know for sure was that I saw a sweet potato and resolved to make some sweet potato pancakes even though I had no idea what I was doing. E had insisted on a stop to our fave Spanish import store, Despaña, and had purchased some goodies for dinner, so I figured all we needed was one more item. After the culinary rout that was the Vietnamese wings, I decided to try again, this time with Spanish flavors. I marinated the wings in sherry, a bit of sherry vinegar and lots of garlic and paprika, then grilled them until they hit an internal temperature of 170 degrees.

I enjoyed everything, but some of the latkes fell apart a bit (I should have dried the grated onion with paper towel, perhaps another egg as well). The wings were okay; I bought them at Whole Foods and they were organic and a bit on the small and insubstantial side. I’m not advocating buying sweat shop poultry, but meaty wings are a must. Still, another good meal for the books to be sure. Until next time, friends, cook on!

  1. I don’t like sweet potatoes much, but when put in pancake form, you just might entice me 🙂

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